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Courageous kids and their Amazing Adventures, Stephanie Owen Reeder and Liz DuthieThe Courageous Kids Writing Competition

Courageous kids - we want to hear YOUR stories!

Courageous Kids and their Amazing Adventures by Stephanie Owen Reeder and Liz Duthie contains seven stories about real-life young Australians who have shown amazing courage.

To celebrate its publication, primary school students in years 4-6 living in the Goldfields Libraries region, are invited to... 

Write a story about a time YOU were courageous!

Your story of courage may be about a big adventure or a smaller moment, like when you stood up for a friend, performed in the school play or had to get through a tough time. The story must be:

  • Full of interesting and varied language
  • Captivating and understandable for the reader
  • Believable – but it doesn’t have to be true!
  • 300-500 words (neatly handwritten or typed)
  • Hand deliver to your local Goldfields Libraries branch, or email Shae at

Entries close 5pm, Friday 24 November

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