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About Us

The North Central Goldfields Regional Library Corporation (trading as Goldfields Library Corporation) is a regional library service serving the City of Greater Bendigo, Loddon Shire, Macedon Ranges Shire, and Mount Alexander Shire.

Established in January 1996, the Corporation delivers services to communities along the Calder Highway from Boort to Gisborne, covering an area of 12,979km2. With around 90 staff, we provide for a community of 198,000 people and have a collection of 265,000 items. Our service is coordinated from an administration hub located in the Bendigo Library.

Our Vision

Your Potential Realised

Our Mission

  • You belong as you are
  • We start where you are
  • A learning journey with you
  • Let's make it fun

Our Values

  • Inclusion and Safety
  • Curiosity and Inquiry
  • Collaboration and Co-operation

Our Priorities

Children and Young People

Supporting children, their curiosity and their joy of reading. We will support the brain development of babies, support parents as baby’s first teacher and invest in best practice services for our youngest citizens. We will welcome and present opportunities for young people to have a voice, as they move toward adulthood.

Lifelong Learning

Engaging with people on their learning journey, at any and every age or ability. We will support those involved in school-based or self-directed learning. We want people use the library at any stage in life- and to have fun doing it! We will encourage different ways to learn and create at any age or ability level. Big dreams or small achievements can all start with us.

Safety and Inclusion

Offering safe spaces and resources that let people know they are important and at the centre of our service. We encourage a sense of library community and facilitate respectful interactions in our shared spaces – people relax in our libraries. We want to keep improving functional access to our libraries for people of all ages, abilities, cultural backgrounds and identities.

An Informed Community

Offering information that enhances literacy beyond reading that includes health, financial, digital, environmental and cultural. We will help connect people with information in a variety of ways – inside our libraries, reaching outside our libraries through other services and places, and through our digitally based resources.

Connecting People

Creating opportunities for people to socialise and share ideas, culture and stories. We will provide avenues for both personal and virtual connection through our programs, spaces and technology. We offer an antidote to isolation and loneliness.

Respecting First Nations Peoples and Culture

Building knowledge of and relationships with First Nations Peoples and culture. We will introduce appropriate signage and cultural references into our spaces as well as deliver programs and collections that celebrate the stories and traditions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

A Learning Organisation

Learning from and with our communities to develop skills, innovation and new approaches. Our team are high performing professionals and continue challenging themselves to extend knowledge and experiences. We will focus on being able to change with our community and engage with them in shaping our service.

A Sustainable Future

Working toward a positive and sustainable future with our communities. We will provide opportunities to understand the local and global environment, learn about sustainability innovations and empower community to take action to mitigate climate change. And to protect our natural environment, we commit to sustainable use of resources for our operations.

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